We have extensive experience in the market of installation services, as well as qualified technical staff, both in the field of supervision and implementation.

When building and renovating installations, we use technological solutions from reputable manufacturers, which ensures the high quality of our services.

We provide fast, professional and timely service, always providing a guarantee for the work carried out.

Construction and assembly

For our clients we realize:

  • black and stainless steel pipelines with welded, bolted and clamped connections
  • plastic pipelines with welded, welded, glued and clamp joints
  • copper pipelines with solder and clamp connections
  • ventilation systems with flange, welded and clamp connections

We assemble:

  • dust extraction installations
  • pneumatic transport installations
  • flue systems
  • chimneys
  • mechanical ventilation installations
  • air conditioning installations
  • cooling and ice water installations
  • compressed air installations
  • power hydraulics installations
  • technological installations
  • tanks
  • sanitary installations
  • installation of control and measuring apparatus and automation
  • constructions of service platforms
  • supporting structures for devices and pipelines

Are you planning assembly, relocation or extension of the installation network?

Contact us.